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Upgrade Your Bathing Routine: EasyBathtimes Unveils Extended Range of Como and Lugano Bath lifts

Updated: Jan 16

Here at EasyBathtimes we are constantly looking to improve our services and product range and have offered a limited supply of fully tested and warrantied 2nd user Bath lifts for some time.  

As such we are really pleased to confirm that we are extending this service, and our range will be offered and based around our Como Bathlift (these units are also marketed under the Bath lift and Bath Knight brand name) and the Relaxa manufactured design which we offer as our Lugano Bathlift (these can also be known as the Dolphin Bath easy and Nationwide Mermaid).

The Como & Lugano Bath Lifts

Both product ranges are UK manufactured, of top quality and in many instances have been originally sold and installed by us and then repurchased under our guaranteed buy-back scheme. This happens most often when the requirements of the individual have changed, and they have moved into full care arrangements, or their mobility has declined to make more assistance to bath necessary. 

All incoming units are thoroughly sanitised. They are then inspected and tested including being put through what we describe as a ‘10 Dry-Bath test Run’.  

Any parts that give the slightest concern are changed, which could and usually does include batteries, Band Wraps / Sliders and sometimes the entire extending Band. 

They are then graded as an ‘A’ grade and offered for sale with a fully comprehensive 12 month return to base warranty. This warranty can be extended by the purchase of either a 12- or 24-month extension at any time during the initial 12-month warranty period (current applicable fees apply).  

Or a ‘B’ grade which includes a 6-month warranty, again this can be extended by up to an addition 12-months by the purchase of an extension at any time during the initial 6-month warranty period (again current applicable fees would apply). 

Also, checkout our product range here.

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