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EasyBathtimes - Supplier and Installer of Quality Bathlifts

Do you struggle to get into or out of your bath?

Rediscover bathtime independence

Lady want to sit in Bath with the help of EasyBathtimes bathlift
Lady enjoying bath

Welcome to EasyBathtimes - Quality Bathlifts for Your Comfort

A Battery Bathlift from EasyBathtimes provides a safe, easy-to-use, and affordable solution for effortless bathing. Installable in under two hours, it is more cost-effective than other bathroom modifications. With a 20-stone capacity and modern slimline design, the Bathlift helps you enjoy comfortable, therapeutic 'Me-Time' in your bath. The powerful, rechargeable battery lasts for around 20 baths per charge. Click here for product information.

A bathroom & bath prior to bathlift installation by EasyBathtimes

EasyBathtimes - Specialist suppliers & installers of new and refurbished Battery Bath lifts for the elderly and less able all across the southern counties. Upgrade your bathing experience in around 90 minutes. No Fuss No Mess

High quality Bathlift Installation

Click or call to book your completely free, no-obligation survey and discover if a bath lift is the right choice for you. Explore our range of great value bathlifts, supplied and installed quickly and efficiently and with the minimum of disturbance.

Please note; We never, ever pass your details onto other companies for marketing purposes


Four Simple Steps To Use Your Bathlift 

How to use a battery bathlift


When you wish to use your EasyBathtimes Bathlift, simply tighten the belt by pressing the up button on the handset or on the main unit. The automatic cut-out will ensure the belt is set at the correct tension

How to use a battery bathlift


Sit on the bath edge, place legs inside the tub, and slide towards the belt's center. Use the integrated hand-hold for assistance.

Being lowered into a bath by a battery bathlift


By using the down button on either the wall unit or the handset you will be slowly and safely lowered until you reach the bottom of the bath. 

safely lifting out of a bath using a battery bathlift


To exit your warm bath, press the up arrow on the wall unit or handset for a gentle lift without stress or strain, thanks to your EasyBathtimes bathlift.

Relaxing in a bath after using a battery bathlift from Easybathtimes

About EasyBathtimes

If getting in and out of the bath is becoming difficult without assistance, our bath lifts offer a simple, affordable, and stress-free solution. With EasyBathtimes, you don't have to sacrifice your relaxing and therapeutic bath experience.

With years of experience, we advise customers on the benefits and suitability of battery bathlifts, ensuring they fit perfectly in your desired location.

We're dedicated to helping you maintain your quality of life and enjoy your 'Me Time' without stress.

EasyBathtimes Battery Bathlifts are:

  • User-friendly, safe, and reliable

  • A cost-effective alternative to other bathroom adaptations

  • Designed for a full-depth bathing experience

  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery, providing up to 20 baths per charge

  • Intelligent, ensuring you are never lowered without the ability to lift you back up

  • Modern and discreet 

Curious about our bath lifts? Check out our Products & Services. We're here to help you remain bathtime independent.

Please call or click to request a brochure. We look forward to assisting you!

Why Choose US?

Here’s why EasyBathtimes Bath Lifts stand out:

  • Affordable: Up to 30% less expensive than competitors, offering the best possible deal.

  • UK Manufacturing: Proudly made in the UK for over 20 years.

  • Safety: Designed for long-lasting, trouble-free performance with intelligent safety technology.

  • Free Home Survey: Ensures you get the perfect bath lift for your needs.

  • Comprehensive Service: From survey to installation and beyond, we manage every order for your complete satisfaction.

  • Expert Installation: Our team fits your bath lift at your convenience, making bathing easy.

         Book a Free Survey now for Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Surrey, Sussex, Wiltshire & Outer London.

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