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Great Benefits Of EasyBathtimes Bathlifts



Tasks that we find simple and easy to achieve can sometimes become more difficult to perform as we get older. For less mobile people, day-to-day tasks such as bathing can become a struggle, often causing distress and upset.


Below we explore 5 great benefits of bath lifts:

1. Rediscover your independence

Bath lifts provide an unrivalled level of convenience and independence. Bath lifts help to make getting in and out of the bath an effortless experience for individuals with limited mobility. You have the power to bathe whenever you wish, giving back and then maintaining your independence and avoiding reliance on others. 

2. Save money

The cost-effective alternative to walk in baths, a Bathlift eliminates the need for expensive bathroom alterations. Furthermore, the belt is able to fully retract, allowing conventional bath use by others.


3. Safety

Bath lifts gently and safely lower you in and out of the bathtub. This allows you to bathe, relax and pamper yourself without the worry of needing assistance from others to get in and out again. Additionally, the advanced electronics ensure that you will never experience a situation where a flat battery means you are unable to be lifted from the bath.


4. Ease of use

All of our bath lifts take on average of around 90 minutes to install and are exceptionally easy to use. 

5. Comfort

There is no better feeling than submerging yourself into a relaxing bath to enjoy full depth bathing. Walk-in baths restrict you to waiting until all the water has filled and later drained from the bath. This can leave you feeling uncomfortable and cold. By using a bath lift you can lie back and soak your aching muscles in a warm bath, getting out at your leisure.


And remember:

Why not try adding some of these herbs and essential oils whilst having a soak in your bath such as lavender or peppermint and make your bath time even more of a special occasion

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