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Our modern battery-operated bathlifts offer a cost-effective, reliable, and space-efficient alternative to walk-in baths or wet rooms. The low-profile belt rests at the bottom of the bath, avoiding intrusive chair devices or inflatable cushions for a near-normal bathing experience.

Slim and discreet, these bathlifts feature a strong, comfortable nylon belt and a powerful motor for safe lowering and lifting. "Smart Technology" ensures the battery needs charging only after 20+ uses, with advanced warning indicators. The BathLift prevents lowering without sufficient charge to lift the user, ensuring safety. For easy storage, the belt is fully retractable.

The Lugano

Lugano Battery bath lift from Easybathtimes

The Como

Como Bathlift from Easybathtimes

Our standard unit, the Lugano, is suitable for a broad range of  applications, is highly compact, and as such has little impact on others using the bath when the belt is retracted. It includes an external thermometer displaying water temperature and comes with a standard 24 month warranty extendable to a total of 48 months.

This unit features a lightweight Lithium battery in the handle for easy recharging and includes a separate wireless remote for added convenience. Comes with a standard 36 month warranty

(2 years manufacturers guarantee 

plus an additional 12 months return to base  warranty). An additional 12 months warranty can be purchased at any time during the first year of ownership giving a total of 48 months.

All our new bathlifts are supplied with a standard 2 year warranty (plus 12 months for the Como) and have an option to extend to up to  4 years. We also offer an industry 1st, unique remove and refit service should your circumstances change. There is a survey fee to ensure that any new location is suitable but no other charge will be made.

We are always happy to buy back units that we have previously installed , subject to age and condition

  • Fast fuss-free installation

  • Can be fitted to almost any type of bath

  • Powerful and lightweight

  • Avoids costly bathroom modifications

  • Comfortable and simple to operate

  • No mains electricity required

  • Unique free 'Remove and Refit service'

  • Ultra-Safe and reliable

  • 2 year warranty with option to extend 

  • Modern discreet wall / floor unit

  • Quiet operation 

  • Lifts up to 20 stone / 130 kilos

  • Belt easily hidden away

  • Supplied with mains charger

  • Approx. 20 baths between charge

  • VAT exempt for qualifying customers

What Our Clients Say

Sitting comfortably in a bath using a bath lift

Sheila Rose - Basingstoke

A bathlift was a fraction of the cost of the modifications we thought we needed - Very pleased with the outcome.

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