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What do I need to do to help me enjoy a safe, relaxing and therapeutic bath time?

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Using a Bath Lift

What is a Bathlift?


A battery-powered belt bathlift offers a safe, reliable, and affordable solution for those struggling with traditional baths. It allows users to enjoy an almost identical bathing experience without intrusive chairs or cushions. Using advanced battery technology, it effortlessly lowers and lifts users, maintaining independence and requiring no assistance. The device includes safeguards to prevent lowering without enough power to lift. Its discreet design features a retractable nylon belt, and operation is simple: sit on the tensioned belt, lower into the bath using a handset or wall buttons, and reverse the process to exit.


How do I find out more?

Contact us at 0800 464 7808 to schedule a free survey for your 'Easy Bathtimes' Bathlift installation. Most bathrooms are suitable. After the survey, we'll provide a fixed quotation covering the Bathlift Unit, installation, and delivery. Once you're satisfied, we'll arrange installation within 7-10 days. Our fully-insured and CRB-checked installers, always carrying photo ID, ensure peace of mind. Installation typically takes under two hours.

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Is my new bathlift easy to use?

Yes it is. The battery comes fully charged and straight away you are ready to use your 'EasyBathtimes' bathlift for the very first time. Just sit on the belt and press the down button to be lowered into the bath. Once finished press the up button to be lifted gently and safely back out again Subsequent charging is required approximately once every two weeks subject to usage.

"Its easy - with EasyBathtimes"  

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