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About EasyBathtimes

At EasyBathtimes, we specialise in offering top-quality Battery Powered 'Belt' Bath Lifts to assist our customers in regaining their Bath-Time Independence. Our aim is to improve simplicity, comfort, and accessibility in your day-to-day life, and to enhance the safety and enjoyment of your bath time.

Bathlifts in Oxfordshire

As dedicated providers of Belt Operated Battery Bathlifts, we provide both new and fully refurbished bathlift tailored for the elderly and those with limited mobility. Our carefully chosen range of Bath Lifts stands as the best available in the UK market, designed to smoothly integrate ease of use, convenience, safety, and affordability, thereby offering a superior alternative to extensive bathroom renovations.


If you live in the Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Outer London  or Sussex areas a Battery Bathlift from EasyBathtimes represents a secure, user-friendly, and economical solution for effortless bathing. Get the Battery Bathlift fitted in less than 2 hours, offering a budget-friendly alternative to extensive bathroom alterations. With a maximum rating of 20 stone, sleek modern design, the Bathlift offers a simple means to reconnect with that soothing and therapeutic 'Me-Time' in your own warm, relaxing bath. The robust battery, rechargeable similar to a mobile phone, permits approximately 20 baths before requiring recharging.

Helping The Elderly & Less Able Across The Oxfordshire Area

How to Use Our Battery Powered BathLifts

Lady setting the bathlift

Step 1

When you wish to use your EasyBathtimes Bathlift, simply tighten the belt by pressing the up button on the handset or on the main unit. The automatic cut-out will ensure the belt is set at the correct tension

Lady entering bath

Step 2

Sit on the bath edge, place legs inside the tub, and slide towards the belt's center. Use the integrated hand-hold for assistance.

Lady down deep with the help of bathlift

Step 3

By using the down button on either the wall unit or the handset you will be slowly and safely lowered until you reach the bottom of the bath. 

Lady getting down in the EasyBathtimes Bathlift

Step 4

To exit your warm bath, press the up arrow on the wall unit or handset for a gentle lift without stress or strain, thanks to your EasyBathtimes bathlift.

nother Bathlift Installation from Easybathtimes

Will I get stuck in the bath if the battery runs out whilst I am using it?

No. With inbuilt battery level monitoring, a green LED light shows sufficient power, and a red LED light indicates the battery is running low and needs recharging. As a further safety measure, intelligent technology means the bathlift will not lower you into the bath unless there is adequate power to lift you out again.

Do you have used or refurbished bath lifts available?

The answer is Yes, we do offer a limited stock of high quality 2nd user units on a supply only or supply and install basis All come with warranty.

How do I book an appointment?

You can request your free survey or call us on 0800 4647808 where you will speak to a friendly member of our customer service team. All surveys are completely free with no obligation.

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