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Battle of the Bath Lifts Round 2 Battery Belt Bathlift v Fixed Chair Bathlift

As in round 1 of our comparison series we again asked current users for their experiences when using the Fixed Chair Bathlift. Whilst slightly more favourable than the Inflatable Bathlift (see Battle of the Bathlifts Round 1) which was mainly due to the increased back support, the major criticism was that you never experienced a full depth bath and you had the odd impression of being sat on a plastic garden chair whilst in your bath. The way in which the product dominated the bathroom also came in for a lot of criticism.

By way of contrast the belt bathlift scored well on giving a full depth bathing experience, with the belt being hardly noticed when the user is fully immersed and the product was generally described as being very discreet, especially when the belt was fully retracted into the wall unit

As such we declare the battery belt lift the winner!!

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