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Exploring the Benefits of Bathlifts for the Elderly and Less Able: Comfort, Safety, and Independence

Updated: Apr 12

The life of an elderly person can be increasing difficult with increasing age. Each one of them faces frequent challenges in their day-to-day activities including taking a bath. Mobility becomes difficult which makes it harder for them to do all those things that were part of normal life previously.

Thankfully, we today have solutions for many of these challenges. For those who can’t get in and out of the bath on their own, they can now use a bathlift for the elderly! These clever devices can actually be a game changer not just for the elderly but also for those who have mobility issues.

Bathlifts for the Elderly

Of course, you might be able to get into the bath some other way as well, but let’s face it – battery powered bath lifts are indeed incredible devices that can make your life way lot easier.

If you are still thinking, here are the top benefits of bathlift for the elderly that you must absolutely know about:

They Can Save You from Slipping In The Bath: It’s very common to hear about even fully able people falling whilst taking a bath. For the elderly or less able, the chances of falling whilst taking a bath are significantly higher. Bath lifts help these people from slipping or falling and give them a safe bathing experience. These lifts can securely lift them into the bath and out of it with the touch of a button.

They Help Improve Your Quality of Life: The ability to take a bath without depending on other people is sure to boost one’s confidence and quality of life. Besides this lifts can also help maintain personal hygiene, which can be a challenge for the elderly otherwise. All this can be done with complete privacy and safety.

They are Easy to Operate: The controls of bath lifts are simple to use and clear to understand. This is why anyone regardless of their age or technical understanding can use these to take a proper bath with absolute confidence

Top Features You Can Should Look Out For

  • A Reliable Company to supply and install the product

  • A High-Quality Product – These Units are designed For Many Years Of Reliable Use

  • A Battery Powered Units With Multiple Uses Between Re-Charge

  • Simple Controls And If Available, A Hand Control In Addition To The Buttons On The Unit

  • Warning Indicators To Show Low Battery Charge

Alternative Types of Bathing Assistive Devices

Chair Type Bath Lifts: These can be lowered or raised while allowing the user to recline at a comfortable angle. However, they are bulky and do not allow a ‘full depth’ bathing experience.

Electric Bath Lifts: The batteries in these allow for an effortless movement of the bath lift. In our opinion the best option available

Inflatable Bath Lifts: These provide an adjustable and cushioned support to lift the user in and out of the bath. As with the Chair Type Bath Lifts these can be bulky and need mains power to inflate the cushion using a separate compressor. Also, there is no ‘full depth’ bathing.

Walk in Baths: These can be expensive and involve major bathroom modifications. You also need to remain in the bath with the door closed whilst the bath fills and then drains again which can take quite some time and can mean that the user gets cold whilst waiting.

Check out the available options for bathlift for the elderly around you and learn more about their uses and practicality today. You just might end up with one that would make your life a whole lot easier.


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