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Battle of the Bathlifts - Belt Bathlift Compared With Inflatable Bath Chair

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Easybathtimes Battery Bathlift
Small, discrete and unobtrusive. The belt is easily retracted into the main unit


Inflatable, plastic bathlift chair
Large, intrusive and needing connection to a pump and mains electricity

At EasyBathtimes we often are invited into customers homes to discuss replacing a variety of bathing assistance products with a battery bathlift. One of the products we encounter more than most is the inflatable type chair. Below is listed a selection of the comments made by existing customers about their experience.

Negative comments include: Bulky, Uncomfortable, awkward to set up (the seat needs to be connected to the pump and the pump connected to the mains, slow to rise out of the water (users complain of getting cold), not a true bathing experience (the deflated seat feels strange when a user is in the bath) and ugly (the inflated bath seat takes up around 1/3 of a normal bath). Some users also report that the wet inflatable unit can be slippery especially if soap gets onto the surface.

Positive comments include: There is some back support.

From this short survey we have to conclude Battery Powered Belt Bathlift the winner!!

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