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Belt Bathlift or Walk-In Bath

If you struggle to use your bath you may have thought about a walk-in bath as one of options to make life a little easier and maintain your independence at home. If so, we have listed some comparisons that should be considered carefully when making a decision: Cost A walk-in bath is considerably more expensive than a battery belt bathlift.

Disturbance The installation of a walk-in bath will take several days and is a permanent alteration. A bathlift will take around 1 hour and can be removed at any time

Convenience Once sitting inside the bath, with the door closed the user has to wait a considerable time for the bath to fill and worse still empty. In this time the user can get very cold. A bathlift simply makes using your existing bath, in the usual way, easier.

Effect on property value Should the property be sold at a later date, it is very likely the purchaser would want to replace the walk-in bath at some considerable cost. As such this is likely to be reflected in their offer. In contrast a bathlift can be removed in around 20 minutes with little or no sign of damage to the bathroom.

Use by others Other friends or family members using the walk-in bath would need to follow the time-consuming process of entering the bath, closing the door, waiting for the bath to fill and then the reverse process to get out. In contrast the belt of the bathlift can be fully retracted into the wall unit and the user enjoy a bath in the normal way

In our opinion the bathlift is a simpler, more cost-effective solution to the difficulties some less able and elderly have in continuing to enjoy bath time in their own home. visit

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