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EasyBathtimes Guide To A Perfect Bath

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Back before everyone had a bath in their home, large public baths used to be available for everyone to use. These days, it would be rare to see people visiting a public bath when they could get a five-star treatment in their own bathroom, and especially with all of the amazing accessories and products you can now get The bath is the choice that people go with when they’re looking to relax or need some comfort while they get clean. Unlike the shower, you need to put some time aside to have a good bath and some might even call it a lost art. There are things to consider like scents, bath products, water temperature, and lighting, all of which come in to play to create the perfect mood.

Try adding some bath salts which have been around for centuries, with the purpose of trying to imitate the feel of a mineral bath or hot spring. In addition to being fragrant and luxurious, they actually have some great therapeutic benefits and can greatly enhance any bath experience. Or how about a bath bomb.

Bath bombs seem to have taken over the popularity of bath salts thanks to their colourful designs and dramatic effects. A bath bomb is a sphere made of various ingredients like Epsom salts, a weak acid like citric, and bicarbonate soda which has been packed tightly and set.

Glitter Bath Bombs Filled with small amounts of glitter, these create a gorgeous display of colour and shimmer in the bath and can completely change the look of your bathroom.

Aromatherapy Bath Bombs Almost all bath bombs are scented, but aromatherapy bath bombs focus on this scent more than the other ingredients. You can choose scents for relaxation, invigoration, pain, or a boost in mood.

Whatever you choose if the aging process or disability has taken this away from you EasyBathtimes #easybathtimes can help you rediscover the luxury of a wonderful, therapeutic and safe bath time again

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